Top Animation Programs

Hopefully something to suit all tastes and pockets should be. Compiling the Maya, Lightwave and 3D Studio Max as more expensive than some of the veterans, not perfect, but many of the products listed, free of charge or are moderately priced, good reputation, and to inspire all 're ready.

Import Photoshop files with layers intact and creating characters from scratch with character wizard. Anmie studio capabilities with full support for YouTube, liberal excellent lip syncing multiple sound formats.

Other popular animation program with strong support YouTube animate (2D), Extra - ordinary (3D) and MUVIZU (3-D), go find. All three programs, you are free to expensive equipment or specialist training and Muvizu, without the need to create animations set to allow high-quality facilities.

Good lighting and camera effects SYNFIG (2-D) try. Synfig developers capable of producing quality output movie's ambition was to create an animation software. Synfig is an open source vector based animation program and free.

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