Animation Presentation

However, to be effective, animation presentation, you should learn how to do a whiteboard animation. The first thing you need to do is to learn how to make a professional animation. Proper lighting is important for such an animation.

The first step is to create an animation video light setup. In this step, you need the lamp in place. Your lamps are setup correctly this camera is easy to install and can be post-processing. In general, you need to consider several things you can install the whole thing.

1. Blind Room – The first thing you should do is cut all sources of light in the room. You can achieve this goal doors and windows closed blinding light from any part of the cover. Make sure the room is completely dark.

2. Switch on the light above your head – your next step is to turn on the light in the room overhead. Therefore, they should not miss.

3. Brighten your whiteboard – this is where things get more complicated. Then hang them from the ceiling lamps cleverly put in a position to begin to build for the construction of two diffusers.

4. Brighten your talent – enough to light the third stage ensures your whiteboard. However, the good as well as you want to see your talent. You build a more powerful lamp and two softboxes can achieve this by illuminating it with.

5. Fine Tuning – The last step is to fine-tune your lighting setup. Once you place in the overall lighting, whiteboard and talent is all lamps. Make some adjustments if necessary.

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